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Audit of computerised Accounting system


Geethamsoft provides software to Audit of computerised Accounting system Accounting refers to the process of gathering, storing, interpreting and sharing of financial information of an organization for over a particular period of time (usually 1 accounting or financial year). This process begins by gathering information from vouchers (invoices or receipts), storing them in journals (book-keeping), converting them into meaningful information such as financial reports and financial statements, and finally sharing them with the decision makers of the organization. Computerized accounting systems make use of computer technology in order to perform all the above-mentioned functions of accounting. Computers gather data from digital receipts and invoices. Due to their vast memory space, they store the collected data for future reference. And finally, the stored data is accurately and effectively converted into valuable reports with the help of various computer software. Considering the immense advancements in accounting technology, the most basic technical adaptation is the inevitable use of a computer. The accountants who make use of computers for various accounting purposes should be confident in the work done by them. They should also know their way through the process of computerized accounting. In order to be able to do so, it is essential to have a strong foundation on the concept of computerized accounting and the role it plays in an organization.

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